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When can white-collar crimes involve RICO charges?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Addressing charges for white-collar crimes can be challenging, considering how these offenses often involve intricate procedures and sensitive circumstances. These violations also tend to have hefty legal penalties, varying based on the crime’s extent and details. A case can be so complex and severe that the prosecution may consider adding Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) charges.

This policy is typically relevant to violations linked to organized criminal enterprises, making it applicable based on specific conditions. RICO may take effect if evidence proves that racketeering activities occurred repetitively, causing significant impact in more than one state. These conditions can also be present in widescale white-collar crimes, but RICO charges may only be appropriate in specific scenarios. 

Before adding this charge to a white-collar case, the situation must meet specific requirements, including the following:

  • Adding a RICO charge can accurately reflect the extent and severity of the case
  • A satisfactory sentence can only happen after including RICO charges
  • Involving a RICO charge can cover offenses for prosecution out of state, consolidating charges and streamlining the process
  • Including a RICO charge is reasonably proportionate to the underlying criminal behavior
  • Raising RICO charges can allow the federal authorities to take over if it is most appropriate

Other conditions can also apply, depending on the circumstances. A RICO charge could be irrelevant if the case fails to meet these requirements.

Understanding the case fully

Facing charges for white-collar offenses can be daunting, considering how confusing they can be and what sanctions can apply. These cases usually involve multiple parties with varying involvement. Regardless of RICO charges, seeking legal guidance could be crucial when addressing these offenses. Only experienced counsel might help involved parties understand the case thoroughly and determine their appropriate legal options.