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Defense Against Complex Financial Crime Charges

Every criminal defense case needs to be handled differently. A drunk driving or petty theft charge might require a simple, straightforward defense, but charges involving white-collar financial crimes need to be dealt with using a greater degree of sophistication and planning. Fraud, embezzlement, and similar criminal charges are complex by definition, and the penalties for these crimes can jeopardize your finances, future, and freedom. If you are facing criminal crime charges, make sure that you work with attorneys who have the experience and reputation necessary when handling complex cases of this nature.

At Burleson, Pate & Gibson, L.L.P., in Dallas, we provide a strong defense against financial crime charges in federal and state courts throughout Texas. Our firm has provided legal representation for 60 years, and in that time, we have handled a range of financial crime cases and earned a reputation for success. Our attorneys know how to research and prep these cases for trial and pursue every angle to minimize the damage that a serious criminal charge can cause.

Handling A Range Of Financial Crime Cases

Our lawyers provide sound criminal defense against financial crime charges that include:

  • Fraud: There are many different forms of fraud, including wire fraud, securities fraud, bankruptcy fraud, real estate fraud and health care fraud, to name a few. A fraud crime involves knowingly misrepresenting material facts for financial gain.
  • Insider trading: Insider trading is a type of securities fraud that involves executives or anyone else who’s trading stocks on illegally obtained inside information.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement is similar to a basic theft crime, except that it involves an illegal taking of money entrusted to the person accused of the taking. Paying nonexistent vendors and keeping the assets, expense account padding and selling trade secrets are examples of embezzlement.
  • Intellectual property violations: Information is among the most important assets that a company can hold. Trade secrets, patents, client lists, and copyrighted works are intellectual property (IP) examples. Most IP violations are handled in civil courts through lawsuits, but they are also prosecuted in the criminal system on occasion.
  • Public corruption: This crime occurs when someone in a public position receives anything of value in a way that could influence their performance of public duties. It is similar to any white-collar crime charge in the private sector, but it involves public officials.

All these charges present unique complications and potentially exorbitant fines, prison time and ruined reputations in communities. Our attorneys take the time needed to prepare these cases and create effective strategies.

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