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Frequently Asked DWI Questions

Drunk driving is a common mistake that people of all ages and lifestyles make. It’s easy to misjudge your coordination and responsiveness after a few drinks on a night out. Unfortunately, the stakes are high if the police pull you over.

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Will I lose my license?

If a judge convicts you of a DWI for the first time, they will suspend your license for at least 90 days up to a year. More serious offenses, repeat DWIs or underage DWIs could mean license suspension for a longer time.

There may be ways to get your driving privileges back, including applying for an occupational license so you can drive to your workplace or school. However, the best way to keep your driving privileges is to fight DWI charges head-on with the help of your attorney.

Can I refuse a breath test?

Drivers can refuse a breath test, but you should understand what would happen next before making that decision. If you refuse to take a breath test at a traffic stop, police will automatically suspend your license for 180 days. If you refuse a second time, you will lose your license for two years. Knowing your rights and options will let you make the smartest decisions possible.

Will I go to jail for a DWI?

In Texas, drivers could go to jail for driving while intoxicated whether it’s the first time or a repeat offense. However, the potential jail time can vary according to the type of offense and level of intoxication.

For first-time DWI convictions, drivers could face a jail sentence for up to 180 days. Each additional DWI increases the possible jail or prison sentence. If a child was riding in the car at the time of a DWI arrest, the driver may face additional jail time and other penalties.

Because a jail sentence is possible in any DWI case, it is critical to make sure you have top-notch legal representation from the start of your case. An experienced lawyer might help you avoid or reduce jail time, allowing you to move forward with your life.