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Defense Against Federal Crime Charges From An Established Firm

While criminal charges are always serious, they are severe when federal charges are in play. The federal government has significant resources to prosecute criminal charges, and many of the cases involve allegations of illegal activity across state lines and procedures that are distinct from other criminal courts. If you are charged with a federal crime, it is vital to work with a legal team that is well established and knows how to handle the complexities and stakes involved.

At Burleson, Pate & Gibson, L.L.P., we have been a presence in the Dallas area for more than 60 years. Our attorneys serve clients throughout Texas, and we have earned a reputation for professional, successful criminal defense against a range of charges. Throughout the decades, our lawyers have seen it all. We know how to prepare federal cases for trial, and we know how to win.

When facing criminal charges in the federal system, the stakes are high. Our attorneys will do everything possible to win your case.

White Collar Crimes

Our firm provides excellent defense against all types of white-collar crime charges in federal court, including embezzlement, fraud and money laundering.

Invariably, these federal white-collar financial crime charges can be challenging to defend against, as they often involve complex technology, detailed evidentiary complications and the unique nuances of trial procedures in federal court. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience and a track record of success in defending clients in federal court against all types of white-collar crime charges. We understand the complications involved and the high-stakes nature of these charges. Our lawyers also know how to handle these cases in a way that protects our clients’ public reputations.

Sex Crimes

Perhaps no criminal charge can be more damaging than a sex crime charge when it comes to public reputation. Generally, federal authorities will take jurisdiction over sex crime charges that involve crossing state lines or are of a severe nature.

Our attorneys defend clients against federal sex crime charges that include:

  • Sex trafficking
  • Possession and distribution of child pornography
  • Violent sex crimes
  • Kidnapping to commit a sex crime

Our lawyers have seen and handled all types of federal sex crime charges. We do everything possible to fight these charges head-on and minimize public exposure for our clients.

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