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Understanding the basics of white collar crime

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Criminal Defense

There are a myriad of different illegal actions that can result in someone facing criminal charges. While a high percentage of these involve some form of physical – if not violent – act, there are still many nonviolent crime accusations that can have severe repercussions for one’s future in the event of a conviction. White collar crimes are some of the most frequently occurring of all nonviolent crimes in Texas and across the nation. 

Those accused of white collar crimes are often middle-to-upper-class business professionals and executives. These charges typically qualify as felonies due to the high financial stakes involved. Penalties for a conviction can significantly vary, but many cases result in substantial monetary fines and lengthy jail sentences.  

The most common types of white collar crimes 

There are a lot of detailed intricacies involved in the majority of white collar crimes, including paperwork, legalities, and complex subject matter. Some of the most commonly seen charges include the following: 

  • Embezzlement: This is a form of theft that occurs when funds entrusted to a certain individual’s care are misappropriated. 
  • Health care fraud: This type of fraud almost always involves overbilling for services that were either unnecessary or never received. 
  • Mortgage fraud: Buyers, appraisers and loan officers have all been found guilty of this type of fraud for misrepresenting certain financial data.  
  • Tax and IRS fraud: Criminal tax evasion can come in many different forms and fashions, including making false claims, hiding assets or simply not filing a tax return. 

No matter which type of white collar crime charges one may be facing, chances are the potential ramifications of a conviction could be life-altering. Fortunately, an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney can provide much-needed guidance and support during these trying times. A savvy attorney can thoroughly analyze all of the unique details of one’s case, carefully consider all potential legal options and — if necessary — determine the best possible criminal defense strategy to fight the charges.