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Businesses in Dallas collaborate to combat drunk driving

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Drunk driving is an ongoing problem in Texas and across the United States. According to recent statistics, one person in the United States is killed every 48 minutes in accidents caused by drunk drivers. Law enforcement agencies in Texas do a great job at keeping drunk drivers off the road but they can’t do it all. Reportedly, businesses in Dallas are working together this holiday season to prevent drunk driving. 

Good Neighbor Initiative 

The collaborative effort called the Good Neighbor Initiative is spearheaded by 24HourDallas, an organization representing restaurants and bars across Dallas. According to the project manager, the nonprofit’s mission is to unify nighttime businesses and municipal agencies to make the city more inclusive and safer at night. To help customers find safe rides, the project manager said many businesses in the city will be displaying QR codes for $10 Lyft vouchers. 

Also, around 60 bars and restaurants will be displaying a copper star, which shows they meet safety standards, have a welcoming environment and are involved with the community. The project manager said they hope to encourage businesses to help make the city safe by ensuring their staff are trained to promote responsible behavior and intervene before people drive while intoxicated. Reportedly, businesses certified with the Good Neighbor Initiative may be able to receive a grant that can help businesses grow. 

Help for those charged 

Getting a DWI can lead to many sleepless nights and do irreversible damage to an individual’s reputation. However, those who are charged have options for defense. Any person in Texas who is charged with DWI has the right to seek legal representation. A skilled attorney can safeguard personal rights while determining a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome relative to the situation.