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Watch out for telemarketing fraud

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Telemarketing scams are on the rise in Texas. This is a type of fraud where you get a phone call from someone claiming to need your private info for some reason. They may need your Social Security or credit card number to claim a lottery prize. They may require this info to help you claim a lawsuit settlement. Whatever the reason was given, it’s a scam.

How to spot a telemarketing scam

Telemarketing fraud has become one of the most common and costly white collar crimes. A person will call you and tell you they need your sensitive personal info. Often, it won’t even be a person but a recording that tells you to call another number to confirm that you won some sort of prize. When you call, you may be charged long-distance phone fees.

Never give any of your info to anyone that you don’t trust. If you didn’t go out of your way to contact someone, there is no reason to get a call from them. The chances of you winning a lottery in a foreign nation are next to zero. If they call about an insurance policy, your best bet is to first contact your insurance company to confirm.

Taking action to avoid telemarketing scams

Falling for a telemarketing scam can make you the victim of credit card fraud. If you think that you are being contacted by a potential scammer, you should hang up and then contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The FTC has been set up to investigate scams of this nature. If they determine there is a reason to proceed, they will do so. They have the power to find and prosecute people who are guilty of perpetrating these scams. Contacting the FTC is the best way to get relief.