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Texas 5th worst DUI severity score

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Texas has long been heralded as a difficult state when it comes to navigating the highway system. Not only is the vibrant economic system a part of the reason, but the tourist sights are a major visitor attraction as well. Sadly, DWI accidents have been a cause of concern for Texas residents as well as visitors to the Lonestar State.

Rural area impact

Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have inspected the accident rate across the nation and found that Texas ranks in the lower five of states where accidents happen most frequently involving drunk drivers. While there are multiple reasons for this finding, the fact that the state is largely rural in most areas and there is a lack of patrol officers on the road could be an encouragement for drinking drivers due to low potential for a DWI citation.

Progressive improvement

Even though Texas was one of the worst regarding fatal intoxicated driving accidents, the most recent years of comparison were much better than as far back as 2009. The move to enhance drunk driving penalties took several years to actually curtail the behavior, but it has caught on with the general public that drinking and driving on Texas highways is no longer an acceptable criminal act. A DWI is a serious court issue today.

What this study data suggests in terms of improved safety on Texas highways is a real positive. However, there is still much room for further improvement going forward, and particularly regarding those who are driving under the influence of chemicals and drugs other than alcohol.