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Sheriffs raid Marilyn Manson home

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Some segments of the entertainment industry often act as though they are above the law, and sometimes they seemingly are to some extent. Glam/goth rock artist Marilyn Manson has recently had his home searched by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department while he was away on tour looking for evidence of a crime that involves the troubled entertainer. This is just the latest in a group of legal matters Manson is dealing with under his legal name of Brian Warner. Supplied testimonial evidence in all of the cases indicates Manson has a propensity for aggressive behavior towards others, and supposed female friends in particular. Under Texas law, the crimes would be even more serious.

Purpose of the raid

One of the primary problems in any criminal prosecution is when prosecutors are pressing charges with no documented evidence. This gives defendants a first-line criminal defense counterclaim that testimony is false and must be supported by more concrete proof beyond the reasonable doubt conviction standard. Law enforcement officials did recover some videotapes and potentially incriminating photographs of Manson’s home, including a room that one accuser called “the rape room” according to Manson.

Proving an assault case

While the case seemingly falls short of rape charges being filed, there is distinct evidence accusing Warner/Manson of tying up an acquaintance who had actually been a regular girlfriend for a short period and forcing her to have sex. There could be reasonable doubt based on plaintiff compliance, but the details could result in other charges being valid. The problem for prosecutors is that assault is a very general criminal charge, and an aggressive criminal defense team could successfully argue the case even if it goes to court.

Manson also has other legal action pending against him, including a lawsuit claiming the same aggressive behavior. However, the prior legal issues could well be immaterial when this particular case is prosecuted, including potential dismissal based on an improper search for evidence.