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What causes substance use disorder?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Texas takes the possibility of addiction, also known as substance abuse disorder, into consideration when sentencing drug offenders. Substance use disorder is a condition in which someone continues to use drugs despite negative effects. These impacts could be on their relationships, work, health or a combination of these areas of life. Substance use disorder comes with physical changes in the brain, which is why it’s difficult for someone to stop drugs on their own. They often need the help of professionals to quit. There are several factors that contribute to causing substance use disorder.


A person’s environment plays a major role in their likelihood to develop a substance use disorder. Childhood neglect and abuse, addicted parents, bullying and other unhealthy environments make a person more susceptible to mental health issues like addiction. Any situation that puts a child through severe stress could lead them to engage in drug use later in life if they didn’t cope with the event in a healthy way at the time. Peer pressure is another contributing factor to drug use. Teenagers have a more difficult time dealing with peer pressure because their brains are still developing.


Some people are born with a predisposition for substance use disorder. Having the gene for this mental health issue doesn’t mean that you will develop it. Usually, it requires a stressful life situation that you don’t know how to cope with to trigger it. You could see a therapist when a life problem becomes too difficult for you to manage on your own. Therapists may share helpful strategies to teach you how to control emotions and feel better.

Consequences for first-time drug violations are usually lenient in Texas. You may want to enroll in rehab to overcome your addiction and prevent another drug charge because the penalties may be more severe on subsequent offenses.

Addictive medications

Doctors sometimes prescribe medications that have addictive qualities. There is a small risk that you develop an addiction to it despite your best intentions.

An unhealthy environment and a genetic predisposition for substance use disorder are usually the causes of addiction. It’s possible, however, for anyone to suffer from the disorder.