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Bribery: An overview

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Bribery may have a light-hearted name, such as “greasing the wheels.” However, this crime is one that may have serious consequences, especially when it comes to government contracts. A bribe may take the form of many things, in addition to money. It may be a gift, property, privileges, items which have value and more. Influencing Texas officials at the local as well as state level is a serious charge.

With the intention to influence, the use of bribes is a factor in corruption, whether public or political. Even without a written agreement, a bribery case may receive prosecution. Additionally, failure to report conflicts of interests, gifts, or kickbacks received by public officials can also be a crime.

The bribery charge

At a simple level, a person solicits a government official to make a decision (possibly a vote, political influence or recommendation.) Money or something else of value is part of the offer.

Federal government has rules

When it comes to bribery as a white-collar crime, the government has rules governing federal employees. They are the following:

  • Individual bribed is a public official
  • Offered something of value
  • An official act (such as pending legislation) receives influencing
  • Offering of the bribe is to a person who can act in an official capacity
  • There is intent by the bribing party
  • It is not a coincidence; the case establishes connection between the act and payment

Bribery happens in private sector

Not just an act at the government state or federal level, bribery may take place in the private sector. One example is in sports; a person may ask a player to lose deliberately, throwing a game. The gambler may earn more money through this act of bribery. This type of crime may have consideration as fraud or racketeering.

Bribery is a crime which happens at the government level and may contain an offer other than money. It also may take place in the private sector, such as in boxing, when the throwing of a match or game is the offer.