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What are the laws regarding illegal drugs in Texas?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Criminal Defense

An arrest for drug crimes is terrifying. Texas takes these offenses very seriously. It’s important to understand the laws on illegal drugs and how violations are treated.

Drug and drug paraphernalia possession

Many of the drug laws in Texas refer to drug possession. Under the Texas Controlled Substances Act, a person can face charges if he or she is found to have illegal drugs and controlled substances in his or her possession or control. However, a person could only be convicted of the crime if the prosecution is able to prove that the suspect knowingly and willingly possessed the drug. If the drug in question is a controlled substance, the prosecution would have to prove the defendant lacked a valid prescription to use it for medical purposes.

Possession of drug paraphernalia charges can be levied when a person is found to have anything that’s used in manufacturing, cultivating using or packaging illegal substances. These items can range from plastic baggies and bongs to spoons and more.

Drug manufacturing

If a person is found to be manufacturing or cultivating illegal drugs, the charges against him or her are elevated from possession. It’s possible to face charges of drug manufacturing if police find that the individual has various equipment in his or her possession for manufacturing the substances or transporting them. This could include pots, lab equipment, tools or utensils.

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking charges can apply when a person is found to be trafficking, transferring, selling or delivering an illicit drug across jurisdictions or even across state lines or internationally. Trafficking is among the most serious drug crimes.

Facing any kind of drug charge in Texas is a serious matter and should be taken seriously. If you face charges of drug violations, get help and fight back to protect your rights and freedom.