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Mail fraud could lead to federal charges

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Criminal Defense

People may receive solicitations in the mail at their Texas homes or businesses. Sometimes, the correspondence features legitimate direct-mail marketing information. Other times, the mail could contain dubious attempts to procure money from an unsuspecting victim. Mail fraud remains a problem across the United States, and the public may benefit from knowing what constitutes the charge.

Examining examples of mail fraud

Fraud takes many forms, and it often involves using deceptive practices to procure money or some other gain. Mail fraud, a federal crime, centers on mailing something to commit a fraudulent act.

A person attempting to engage in mail fraud might attempt to sell a product that the seller has no intention of delivering. Or the product might not exist in the first place. False investment opportunities may involve mail fraud as well. Again, mail fraud could involve a variety of schemes that attempt to take someone’s money or assets through deceptive means.

Federal mail fraud charges

When federal law enforcement conducts an investigation into mail fraud, the person directly responsible for the plans might not be the only individual charged with a crime. Anyone involved with a mail fraud scheme may face criminal charges as well. The investigation may end with several parties facing multiple indictments for white-collar crimes, including conspiracy.

Prosecuting a criminal fraud case requires proving intent. Some problematic business ventures may suffer from incompetence but lack the intention to defraud anyone. Such cases could involve serious questions about whether the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, the bar required for a conviction.

Other concerns might arise about how law enforcement gathered evidence or whether a witness is credible. Such things could play a vital role in the accused’s defense.