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How do you make your DUI work on a job application?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

Despite receiving a DWI at the hands of Texas law enforcement, you must continue your job search. While working with a professional on your charge, you still have a criminal record. How do you present this on job applications?

Chron offers tips for gaining employment with a drunk driving charge. Your recent misstep does not have to hamper your job prospects completely.

Do not lie

No matter how you may feel about your DWI, do not lie about it on job applications. While not every company runs background checks on job candidates, you do not want to risk a great position because you did not disclose your conviction. An employer willing to hire a person with a criminal past may dismiss someone who lies on a job application.

Explain your charge

Where an application asks about your criminal past, you may have space to explain your conviction’s circumstances. If so, use the opportunity to demonstrate you still have a lot to offer the company and that you used your legal situation to become a better person.

Let the hiring manager know what happened

If you earn an interview and the hiring manager asks about your DWI charge, do not shrink from the opportunity to make a good impression. Stick to the basics, breaking down whether a miscalculation, stress, peer pressure or compromised mental health led to drinking too much before getting behind the wheel. You do not want to excuse your behavior, only relate the path that led to your charge and how you learned from the experience and work on getting your life back on track.

Show employers your conviction does not define you. Your DWI does not diminish your professional skills and qualifications.