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On-duty Houston police officer charged with DWI

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Firm News

Residents of Texas face stiff DWI penalties when they choose to drink and get behind the wheel. Some consequences include steep fines, jail time and the suspension or loss of a driver’s license.

No individual is immune to these laws, including law enforcement members, as one Houston policeman discovered this past week when he faced arrest for the crime while on duty.

Officer acted strangely

According to ABC 123 Eyewitness News, several individuals noted the officer in question acting strangely, and those who got close to him reported smelling liquor on his breath. Concerned citizens reported the incident and additional law enforcement arrived to investigate. The officer in question then failed the field sobriety test, prompting the other officers to place him under arrest.

Alcohol consumed at home

When questioned, the accused officer admitted to drinking several different kinds of alcohol at home before his shift started. However, he also stated that he ate pastries before getting into his patrol car the following morning, about seven hours after consuming beer and whiskey. It is not known whether the officer realized he was still drunk before beginning his shift.

Officer to face consequences

The arrested officer posted bond and will remain free until a court hearing, where he will answer to the DWI charge. He is currently on leave from the department and will likely face both criminal and administrative charges, which may result in the loss of his job.

Facing a DWI is challenging for those who are charged with the crime, as it can affect many different facets of their lives. Individuals who need assistance with their case may want to contact an attorney for further assistance.