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Dallas bus hijacking ends in violent shootout

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Individuals with a criminal history in the Dallas-Fort Worth area sometimes commit a variety of violent acts that range from assault to weapons possession.

These repeat offenders often struggle within the legal system, fail to find proper legal representation and sometimes meet a violent end, as it happened for one man in Dallas in late April when he hijacked a transit bus.

Man threatened driver and passenger

The hijacker boarded a Dallas bus with a rifle and shot out several windows before he threatened both the driver and a passenger. He then ordered the driver to proceed toward an unknown location. The driver obeyed and escaped the incident without injury, along with the vehicle’s only other passenger.

A violent shootout 

Authorities pursued the hijacked bus through several different cities, along a turnpike, before setting up spikes to shred its tires. When the bus became disabled, the hijacker exited and began to exchange gunfire with law enforcement officers. Several took bullets during the shootout and the hijacker lost his life. The current condition of the officers is unknown, but they are expected to recover.

The offender had a long criminal past 

The hijacking was not this man’s first crime, and records show that he had a considerable criminal past with charges of evading arrest, assault and was possibly involved in the death of a former girlfriend. The offender also had a trespassing charge on his record and faced conviction for the act.

Many repeat criminal offenders become mired in the judicial system at an early age and may have trouble finding proper representation. Contacting an experienced attorney may help them avoid a short and violent life of crime.