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Tips for handling an arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Criminal Defense

If law enforcement places you under arrest, your emotions are probably running high. However, you cannot let your emotions overtake your ability to remain calm: You need to avoid escalating the situation. You should not do anything during your arrest to make things worse on yourself. 

The ACLU of Texas explains that knowing and understanding your rights may help make your interaction with officers easier. Officers may arrest you if they have adequate reason to believe you have committed a crime. But, at the time of your arrest, you have the right to know the reason for the arrest. 

Do not provide evidence 

You want to avoid providing officers with information they could use against you in court. You do need to tell an officer your name when he or she asks you and provide your ID if you have one, but you do not have to answer other questions beyond your name, birth date and address or provide any documentation beyond your ID, registration and insurance papers. Also, you should never sign anything. 

Stay calm 

You should never resist arrest or do anything that an officer may perceive as resisting. Follow all commands an officer gives you. Make sure that you do not make sudden moves or do anything that could make an officer feel threatened as he or she has the right to react with physical force if he or she feels under attack or in danger. 

Be polite 

You should never be rude or act hostile as this can escalate the situation. You do have the right to ask questions if you want. You can ask whether you are under arrest if you are unclear. You may also ask if you can speak to your attorney or if you are free to leave. You can also ask for clarification of any orders an officer may give you.