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DWI charges and time behind bars

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Drunk driving cases bring many challenges into the lives of those facing charges, but time behind bars is particularly devastating for many people. Some people are sentenced to prison for relatively short periods of time, while others have to spend years behind bars (such as those with multiple DWIs on their record). Moreover, prison sentences disrupt lives in a myriad of ways, creating problems in terms of personal relationships, careers and other critical aspects of life. If you are facing the possibility of a prison sentence, it is especially important to approach your DWI case cautiously and do all you can to secure a more favorable outcome. 

Often, people are not sentenced to prison as a result of their first DWI. However, some people are required to spend time in jail following their first DWI arrest. For those charged with DWI for the third, fourth or fifth time, the penalties are far more severe and a lengthy sentence is a very real possibility. There are other factors that impact those charged with DWI in terms of the penalties they face, including time behind bars. For example, some drivers are charged with felonies as a result of child endangerment and DWI cases that involve serious injuries or the loss of life are far more likely to result in a lengthy sentence. 

These are just a few factors to take into consideration, but there are many other aspects of DWI cases that require close examination. Sometimes, people are able to secure more favorable outcomes in terms of jail time and other penalties by properly bringing up details of their DWI in court. Our website offers more insight into handling a DWI case.